Apple iPhone Repairs

We repair most faults with Apple iPhones

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Apple iPhone Repairs Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

IPHONE 4/4S, 5C/5/5S, 6
If your iPhone is suffering from a cracked screen we can fit a brand new screen bringing it back to life again.
IPHONE 4/4S, 5C/5/5S, 6
If the home button on your iPhone has started to stick or has stopped working we can fit a new one and get you up and running.
IPHONE 4/4S, 5C/5/5S, 6
If your iPhone battery is no longer charging or lasting as long as it used to we can swap it out for a new one.
IPHONE 4/4S, 5C/5/5S, 6
If your headphone jack is broken or the connection is loose we’ll fit a new one to restore audio functionality.
IPHONE 4/4S, 5C/5/5S, 6
If you can’t power on your device using the power button we can replace the power cable and restore functionality.
IPHONE 4/4S, 5C/5/5S, 6
We can also replace your faulty volume buttons/mute switch if they’ve stopped working or are working intermittently.


To make sure your repair is as straightforward as possible we offer all our customers a courtesy phone at no extra charge so you can stay connected with the outside world!

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